Stronger - Live In Tallin 2013
3:59 75 0 4 года
Краткое описание
Stronger - Live In Tallin 2013
Над треком работали
Никита Поздняков, Александр Поздняков
Автор музыки
Никита Поздняков
Автор текста
Александр Летавин
Братья Поздняковы - Группа Black Rocks
Братья Поздняковы - Группа Black Rocks - Stronger - Live In Tallin 2013 - муз. Никита Поздняков, сл. Александр Летавин. Вокал - Никита Поздняков. Гитара, вокал - Александр Поздняков. Бас гитара - Андрей Травкин. Барабаны - Алексей Савельев.
Black Rocks - Live In Tallin 2013
Black Studio (Студия Братьев Поздняковых)
STRONGER муз. Никита Поздняков сл. Александр Летавин. I don’t know who you are and where you came from. I don’t know a thing about you and about your ways. I don’t have a clue about what you look for. But I know that you would rather have no other way. I don’t care if we have anything in common. I don’t care about what you do with all your days. Doesn’t matter what keeps pushing you to go on. All what matters is that we’re together here today. Chorus: You’ve got the fire! You’ve got the fire! It’s growing stronger, It’s growing stronger. We’ve got to fight For what is right. We’re getting stronger! We’re getting stronger! Don’t be shy to be yourself and show your fire. Never mind the words of wise and all the truth they hold. Don’t despair if life is bleak and things are dire. When we stand together, we are stronger thousand-fold. Never let your countless worries knock you over. Life’s a bitch, but to a will of one who’s strong it bends. Don’t forget what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Now is time for us to take a stand and joint our hands.