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I I got no more love for all theese people in the crowd. I got only couple of hours to talk with myself. U prudent in all actions, that's why U full of pride. We're always got implicit faith in somethin', but what U'll say 'bout the brink Chorus Enough misrepresentations. Enough misqotations. Enough everything else, yeah. We'll be on the brink.(x2) II Remember all ya sins and carry it all the time, in ya smallbox, Because ya need a balance, not fiction of the safety. Create ya mind and than I think U will be fine. Stop misdirect yourself, and don't forget 'bout, 'bout the brink Chorus We'll be on the brink(xn) PRIDE! PRIDE! FUCK UP YASELF! somethin' pure! jussta shuta fuck up! Whatta fuck all ya lookinn' PRIDE! PRIDE! Chorus