Tear in the amber
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Ремикс на песню компьютерного дуэта "Электронный Мальчик" - Слеза в янтаре.
История создания
Просто отдаем дань уважения первопроходцам в мире музыки из глубины России - г. Ижевска, дуэту "Электронный Мальчик"
Anestis home studio
1. My sorrow is frozen, like the amber`s tear, Just dreams isn`t sleeping. Night covered the houses in the numb yard, But I`m still waiting and I`m still thinking of you. The song of the spring isn`t heard yet, Don`t call it so early, my darling, Please tell me, how long this winter will be? The frost on windows will paint your portrait for me, Who isn`t here with me. Chorus: I`ll open the door to past life Unexpected guest,I`ll open the door to past life, Where were you and I. I`ll open the door to past life, it wouldn`t be easy To come back to that world, My world with out my guy... 2. The night`s getting darker-the reazon is heavy snow storm, But I`m not weaker, that means I don`t forget how to dream And to love, how to feel and believe, Just all that I need,-is only to live. Chorus: