I can't believe
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1. Everyone falls in love sometimes, Sometimes it`s wrong, sometimes it`s right. You are my heart and my heart is yours, Here with you my head is lost. There are some words I can`t forget: «Found my happiness»,you said, That will be always on my mind, Let`s fly together,don`waste the time. Chorus: And I can`t believe it`s real, And I can`t believe it`s you, Can`t believe it`s happening, Can`t believe it`s true. I got crazy over you, Can`t believe that you are mine, I`ll be there only for you Softly kissing every time. 2. When you are weak,I will be strong, Helping you to carry on. I gonna pack my tears away- You save my heart-it`s a new way. True love it has no hiding place, Life presents us one real chance. Just you and me and the Moon light, Let`s fly together,don`t waste the time. ~~~Imaging, just you and me; Imaging and the Moon light...