Psalm 21(22), Song of Cross
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Psalm 21(22), Song of Cross
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А. Лучник - В. Смирнов (Andrey Luchnik - Vladimir Smirnov)
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Andrey Luchnik - Vladimir Smirnov
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Andrey Luchnik
O, my God, O my Lord, turn to me, tell me why You've forsaken
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Andrey Luchnik
Psalm 21/22 (Septuagint/Masoret number) 1 O, my God, O my Lord, turn to me, tell me why You've forsaken 1 Don't You hear my cry, elevated to You and appealing 2 Day and night I'm beseeching Your grace pleading for Your redemption 2 But You are far apart, and no sleep nor repose slake my feeling 3 You are Light and You live in the people's esteem and acclaim 4 Our fathers gave credence to You and You sent them Your favour 5 They confided in You and persistently worshiped Your Name 5 They proclaimed You, good Lord, being never harassed in their prayer 6 Now I am like a worm and a pariah scorned and clamoured 7 All who see me, they mock me, disgrace, show contempt and disdain: 8 "Let the Lord God deliver his faithful if he is so favored 8 He said Godship would never abandon and certain sustain" 9 It is You Who has brought me to life - by Your Will I was formed 9 You reposed Your baby at lenient breast of his mother 10 From the day of my birth I've been cherished by Thee and been warmed 10 From the very beginning You were my celestial father 11 Don't abandon, You see unavoidable death calls me out 12 Vicious warriors stand like a wall - they embrace all around 13 Like a roaring lion they tear and gnaw their plunder 14 I am poured like water - my bones are disjointed, unsound. 14 All my heart turned to wax - it is melting and leaking all over 15 All my strength has dried up just as clay in the fiery oven 15 And my tongue parches up, sticks to palate and tortures the throat 15 I feel breathing of death - my extreme unavoided and certain 16 Crowds of hatred endanger, embrace and encircle me tightly 16 Weary hands, tired feet they coldbloodedly pierced with nails 17 Rabble counts my bones - for my withered skin fails to hide them 17 I become entertainment to those whom I loved all amain 18 They divide rippen garments, and cast their lots for my clothing 19 Don't abandon me Lord 'cause I know You will always be near 19 Do no longer delay - do redress, do relieve and repose me 20 Please do cure the desperate soul from exanimate fear 21 Rescue me from the angry devouring beasts ever wild 22 I'll declare Your Name far aloud among smitten brothers 23 To these crowds I bring annunciation of God given dowry 23 You, who honour the Lord do extol Him, repent and devout 23 O my people, awake and attend, glorifying your Master 23 Sons of Israel hearken and listen to Godship, all people 24 For the Lord in His love did not ever forsake the despised 24 For He heard the cry out of downcast kept in besiegment. 25 It's from You comes my fame to console and relieve fervent people 25 Just for them I'll fulfill consecration of all given vows 26 Give the humble to quench from the horn of the generous giving 26 Godhead, let them acclaim You - their hearts will be never abandoned. 27 All the lands on the earth will hark back to adore their Godship 27 All the nations and tribes will devoutedly bow and implore Him 28 For the kingdom of God and His ruling is ever and perfect 29 Those rich and the reckless - beseech highest mercy, and worship 29 Recognize Him who faces the brink of eternal bereavement 31 Those hearkening now - tell of God and enliven the living 30 My posterity will glorify Him and see the fullfilment 31 And conceive what the Godhead has done generations retrieving.