When Gardens Were In Bloom (Когда цвели сады на англ. языке)
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Эстрадная музыка
Над треком работали
Paolo Potarsky
Автор музыки
Владимир Шаинский
Автор текста
Михаил Рябинин
Paolo Potarsky
PAOLO Studio
Music by Vladimir Shainsky. Lyrics by Michael Ryabinin. Translated from Russian into English by Paolo Potarsky. That air of Spring was heady-sweet, When gardens were in bloom, It was the normal evening heat When you said: “I love you”. That air of Spring was heady-sweet When you said this your word, And I’d believed, And I’d believed, And that was that, no more! Refrain: The gardens bloom one time a year, And love spring is a one-time care, It’s just an only time in all When gardens bloom in our soul, One time in all, One time in all. And stars were falling slowly down When gardens were in bloom, You thought about the time to come, Was keen to be my groom. And I had discontinued then To hide my happy eyes, And mom was weeping silently With very joy for us. Refrain. And vestures were hand-tailored white When gardens were in bloom… Well, it’s like just as well, that’s right, Another met with you… Attractive and courageous one Got swooping in my way, Its cherry, evanescent love Was just a daily play. Refrain.