Rose and bat
5:07 10 0 6 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Erotica 69
Chrome Vision Studio
The last sunrise before black infinity. "Embrace me" - the rose has told and has stretched leaves. Thorns have pierced wings. The bat has nestled in it with With grief and has closed the eyes full of tears. The cold and dark is illusion, The true love will never be dead, As well as a story, Story of Rose and Bat Through your heart, through the scraps of the light and smiles looks at you the endless grief. The snow covers the leaves, The time and blood has stopped and stood. Say goodbye and close your eyes. Last embraces of rose and bat. Lovers’ morning in a snow bed. The wind sings the last lullaby. An ice coffin for two and eternal night. Deep in the frozen glass they lay on bed-sheet of last year's grass. This fortress doesn’t have doors. Two lovers together. Forever and longer. Much more.