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Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Erotica 69
Chrome Vision Studio
It is weeping, it it it moves inside And you think that I destroy your mind's grain It laughing, it it is gonna be mad It bites and licks your veins. So join and burn in a pleasure flame. It is a drug in your blood, The rays of black light streaming from your mouth and eyes, It is a lash leaving scars. It licks the lips like a lover’s tongue I want a virus... I want a virus... A Dead child inside beats and pulses like a second heart Broken by light, tightens wounds, liberate your dark side. It is scratching, it it can think by your thoughts And you are ready to start, To start, start this last show! Down, down! It pulses like a second heart. Down, down! It waits for a command: "Start!" Go! It opens the mouth and lets the feelers out! Now make yourself comfortable and spread your legs - Show begins! Enjoy yourself!