RaVe{}lution 3xB  
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RaVe{}lution 3xB (Single)
Arsafes Records
Big Bang Beat Revolution Lyrics by: Serj Nightsnake Time! Has! Come! To wipe out scum, To take back all what's ours So what are you waiting for? - Join our rise! We won't be still, - With righteos zeal We'll bring all suckers down, - Slaughtering them while They will run for their lives! So, all who dare To steal a march on us - Beware! Our War Machine is already oiled! Revolution Now! Big Bang Beat - Symphony of pain And bloody shambles! Riot for our rights, For all we've ever Held so dear! And we're gonna kill Every sorry bastard Standing our way, - Yes, Everyone who dares, Everyone who tries (To) Ruin our dream! We'd got enough Of that sick stuff What happens round'n'round We've lost all patience, - It's time to clame our rights! Hey, Proud Soul, Wake up! Come on Rebel and stand your ground! Tolerance Zero! Thus uprise and fight! So, all who dare... Hey, you, all who dare...