My Quake
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MY QUAKE VERSE 1A: [Gerhard] High above me, Where the stars had vanished, Where the moon and sun could have been Lies a blank and hollow sky That conceals a world in which I’ll never ever fly… BRIDGE 1A: [Gerhard] Well I’d like to be… And I’d love to have… But it always slips away… All I ever wanted, All I ever needed Dies when I look upward To find my way… CHORUS 1: [Gerhard & Catherine] God has tumbled from his throne, His fall had cut me to the bone, My home is dead, my life is gone. The end is closer than it seems, Its breath destroys my sweetest dreams My inhales choke where it begins. VERSE 2B: [Gerhard & Catherine] How could I? I’d never ever play his part! How can I Trespass His laws that hold my heart? I obey, but my obedience wouldn’t take The plague away and stop the quake. [Gerhard] Why had you left me here alone? You didn’t tell where I went wrong. I feel mislead, I feel like I’m undone… BRIDGE 2B: [Gerhard] I don’t deserve this annihilation. I still believe in you, But did you ever believe in me? VERSE 2A: [Gerhard] Deep inside me, Where my hopes are buried, Where my beliefs and dreams could have been My frights and fears destroy my free will And turn me into what I was not supposed to be… BRIDGE 2A: [Catherine] I always loved to be… And I liked to have… All that I let slip away… [Gerhard] All I ever breathed for, All I ever lived for Never could depend on Anyone, but me… CHORUS 2: [Gerhard & Catherine] There’s something that I can’t deny: My past life seems to be a lie, But I don’t want to feel like I’m condemned to die. My trampled world lies at my feet, Illusions now are obsolete My present isn’t my defeat. VERSE 3B: [Gerhard & Catherine] There’s no-one… There’s no-one else to do this part! There cannot be… There is no cage to hold my heart! I won’t let my heavens slip away from me My moon and stars won’t fade away. [Catherine] And even though I’m all alone I’ll battle for my only sun Its light will fill the skies even when I’m gone… BRIDGE 3B: [Gerhard] I wasn’t born for annihilation. This is not the end, Because my world belongs to me. CODA: [Catherine] I am still alive ‘Cuz I have something to fight… for. My future that I’ll derive Starts with my dreams that I confide. X2