High Tide.
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Экспериментальный рок
01. HIGH TIDE VERSE1: [Gerhard] We have fled From where we were crawling to, From the bottom of a dead sea to a vacant sky. The dooms-day wind inspires a poisoned lullaby That echoes in the world we’ve lost And brings us to the emptiness within… CHORUS1: [Gerhard] Wherein The curtains fall. Wherein We’re scared to face it all. But until the high tide begins Believe that You live and Commit your sins. Yet you want to know More than you forgo But you can’t live like you seemed to live just a second ago. VERSE2: [Gerhard & Catherine] I can’t go To where you were struggling to From the bottom of a hollow heart to an empty eye. You will not ask me when, I’ll never tell you why The silence in the world we trusted Leads us to the painfulness within… CHORUS2: [Gerhard & Catherine] Wherein Illusions die. Wherein You hold on not to cry Until the high tide begins. Believe that You love and Commit your sins. There’s nothing anymore That we can ignore; And now we will live like we had never lived before. [Catherine] Like we had never lived before…