You are somewhere here...(Ты где-то рядом)

I`ve done a lot just to escape Disgraceful capture on my way I`ve torn these toys to realize That I`m not haunted with your eyes I`ve rushed by red instead of green What can I say, I haven`t seen I`ve muddled up those walls with fence Existed only in my dreams Refrain: The forest is behind the sea Beyond the stony bank you`ll see The path directing to a land It`s hard tu find it on the map There is a house behind the door The light surrounds it even more So, there she lives, his sunny dream And she is almost wife to him 2й куплет In doubts expressed by semi-coloumn I`ve searched for golden dust in garden And like an irony of doom I`ve looked for you in empty room You`re somewhere here I see, I know Your eyes are sparkling, with a glow Just one more step and I will find Your lovely image on my mind
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