Writing and crossing the words There’s a mess in my head Fight of the twisted thoughts And I’m getting slowly insane I’m breathing the air, it comes out as a smoke I know that it kills, still I try to enjoy I’m holding the breath, something burns on my face In silence and snow I’m losing my way getting insane It seems all is pointless Every day is the same And I know there is no one Who would beg me to stay, But I’ll trample the feelings Of regrets and the pain If I’m still alive, I won’t dig my own grave I"m tryin, I"ve learned to ignore all this shit that comes out But wounds are too deep and my soul is all covered with scars I"ll hide it in laughter You"ll never find out But dont try to look inside of my eyes I don"t want to lose you and I dont want to see You drowning in black lake of my memories ahhh
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