"Inner universe"

Something deep inside me Looks beyond the horizon The world has left me And the Sun is my zone Life seems to have been frozen Same faces, routine day by day I’m scared to find myself broken Leave all and escape is the only way It would be pathetic If it wasn’t so sad Money & Cadillac? No, I won’t regret * * * Taking off my T-shirt, cap and snickers away Flying over the valley, having nothing to say Breeze tossing my hair, feet feeling the grass On this Neverland’s meadow I don’t need a pass I’ve always been dreaming of something like that But who could predict it’d be better than said? For all my questions I’m getting replies You better believe me, I’m not telling you lies At the top of the mountain, looking down at the sea The sunset’s divine, oh, don’t listen, you gotta just see Free and secure like not made of this clay This is my harbour, my heavenly bay…
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