I am running away And I can’t find my way… I don’t know What’s happen with me, I don’t know ho is friend And who is enemy? I don’t understand somewhat: The world is become so rot. Do you think About it sometime? Or the conception Such like in my mind Is alone in the world? However, people don’t hear the words. They don’t understand each other, And don’t want be in peace with one another. I’m running along my life, I just save myself by flight, But I still can see In the end of the tunnel the light. I’m staring at the sea, It is so deep. It is like my soul, Which I’m trying to keep. I want to cry, I want to scream, I want to hide out of the side, It must be like a screen, Which was color of light. I seem, that I don’t care, But I just scare That people will not Never find their ways And the destiny of lot Will be wrong always.
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