Do you listen hard music Which nobody understand? When it’s wring your mind And you can’t quiet stand? It music plays loud, It music wind up, You try to be calm, But later give up. Cause standing calm So hard as a rock, It’s seizing by you, Unnotion like fog. Did you listen some once How instruments ring, When the singer stops And later again sings? It is wonderful moment From all of the world, When it’s making your mind And you can’t pronounce word. You can forget anything You can leave all behind, Tear yourself away And you mustn’t to hide. You coming off Earth You wake up in to sky, If you listen this music It’s mean you can fly. So as listen this music Too few to be fan, You must understand How it music is done. How sounds of music Turn into voice, When music created, Musicians made choice. A normal amateur, An ordinary fan Doesn’t throw to stars, Whatever they’re kind. Cause music is gift, It is rarity skill, It’s seldom is hard, It is passing feel. So my music so hard, My music fulfilled, That poems and screams Their meaning so hilled.
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