Give me your hand And we tighter will fly, Will come off Earth And will burst into sky. I’ll try to take pain You must just to call, I’ll come with the rain, I’ll steal you from all. Please, don’t look down, Cause we’re flying high up. People crawling right down And can’t join to up. We’re drops of the shower, We inhabit in fire, We are part of the air, Try to make sigh. We are soil of planet, We are south and north, We all parts of the World, We’re nucleus of Earth. We have a nirvana Between different minds. Our land is harmony, Our world no one finds. Our flying so balance, Here are equality rights. With the rain and the wind We’re making the flights. Came time, I must go, I return you back way, Abandon you there And I’m flying away. I’m not experience, Cause I know, I’ll return In order to fly, To fly not alone.
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