Phantom… I’m begging: look out! I know, he returns… We all must go out, Or all we will worn… I scream into hush, It’s like shout into dark… I feel he is close… Do you hear how dogs bark? I’m staring around… He’s watching by you… I’m begging: look out! But it is too few! I’m wasting the time, I must run away! Cause that same ghost Is overtaking my way! I know he’s alone… He’s pursuing by me! He’s following my trace, He almost near me! I’m feeling his breath, I’m feeling his glance, I hear rustling his legs, It’s his awful dance… He’s part of the nothing, Clearless stranger… He’s creature… The something… His wander so danger! I hear that he steps, I’m trying to run… But hear how he whispers, Aimed at me gun… I’m running by flight, Don’t look to backward, But I feel his advance… His breath is so hard… I feel cold in my blood, I feel thrill in my heart, It shivers at fear, Indeed my end start? No, my flight’s ending… It’s ending cause I’m Standing at pass, At split of the time! I look down to ravine Near me precipice… I don’t turn around, And it’s not surprise… I stay at the point And hear him behind… No way for the running, I cannot to hide… I dare me to turn, I’m picking up eyes, I’m looking at him, I hear that he sighs… So dreadful and huge, He’s standing by me… I don’t know who is he, But he’s not enemy!... He looks attentively, But he is blind… He’s thinking about me, But he hasn’t mind… He doesn’t speak, But he doesn’t dumb… He’s looking so closely And standing like lump. I look in his eyes And catch his deep glance… At that same moment I broke the distance… He stands close to me, I stand near him… He’s so manly and strong, But so odd and dim… He’s so lonely, alone, Abandoned by all, Forgot by all beings, In World he is sole… I stretch to him hands, He doesn’t threat danger, He is my phantom: “Hello, my ghostly stranger!”
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