And then the music came

Did you meet once With real creation of skill? I mean this is music With its heaviest peal. I like when the music Contains sounds much, That compels to reflect, It’s disturbing the hush. I listen hard music, It’s heaviest from all, Cause metal so contented And pop is like hole. I don’t understand, I’m at upset of the feels: “How can new young people Don’t listen those skills?” They don’t understand, They lost common sense. Because they are youth. But they are so tense, Cause theirs constitutions Don’t throwing away All excessive emotions. That’s why! And I say: Who is of us mad? I mean, those creations, Which musicians made, Are requiring attention. That music created Professional men, They oldest than we, But they all are sane! They’re making the efforts, They are trying for us, They make heavy music, They’re intelligent stars. But still I believe, That next generation Understand heavy music, Will become their affection.
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