Don't ask

*Композитор - Ольга Абросова Don’t ask me why I have come back again. So, if I did – I had a reason. The wind had whispered me your name Or maybe I just need your way To find out my own. Well, maybe - I don’t know. I come that very moment When you do not expect. I’m sure you are the one Who always would accept. Refrain. I may be rude, I may be cruel, May disappear without “good bye”, May hide the truth and tell the lie – But, darling, I do need you. Don’t ask me why I always laugh at love. Don’t think I am just scared of feelings. I long for living, not for leaving. This day is born for us. Well, maybe, I don’t know. My sin is my obsession I swear I won’t show. Don’t ask me, please, just listen: I’m here again, that’s all.
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