Blooded moon rises, casting evil spells Morbid corpses are rising from their graves Souls unbound, calling to eternal devastation Hear the howling...earth...calling... (echoed) By the storm of the Firebeasts Earth is burnt, now we are so weak Dead are rising, killing life with their jaws Claws and bones, limbs and fresh blood Boiling heart, tearing throats, ripping mercilessly Mixing soil, guts and our mortality Laughing morbidly at every fleshless corpse Ripping bones...bones...BONES!!!!! (echoed) REF.:They live again, the supreme evil Even hell can seem just a toy Pentagram is burning, Satan weeps Cause they are knocking at hells gates Mighty evil whispers spells Sign of Bloodmoon is like a symbol Of Eternal destruction and morbid devourement Ancient powers...powers...powers... (echoed - 2 vocals) Abhorrence, twisting, powers Abnormal, leprosatic, victims Mutants, hellish, war Nuclear, unhuman, monsters Oceans burning, now it`s dark Too dark for us to live They are coming, bringing harvest Still hungry for our blood...limbs...entrails REF.: Now destructed, our world Mighty evil now rules No heaven, burning flesh Undead now rule UNDEAD ARE EVIL, UNDEAD ARE EVIL... EVIL... CRUEL.... HATE!!!!!!!! (echoed)
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