Wrath Of The Northern Hatred (The Battlesong Of Slashing Axes An

NORTH, RISE!!!!! NORTH, RISE!!!!! Sons of Pagan gods Under the sign of bloody Moon Fight the disease That spreads over the holy Lands The Battle is ours Gods are at our side Thor is raising hammer Ravens fly As a sign of the final battle Crush em, kill em, shlash em Their corpses will be hung With their heads downwards Stock`em on poles CRUSH, KILL, BURN!!!!!!!!!! The Holy battle For the Lands of Our Fathers SHALL START TODAY!!!! Rape their fucking wives, kill em all!!!! Barbars, Black Metal possessed youth Sons of Vikings, Slavic and Baltic Hear our mighty call For the last battle Winds of Fire, Winds of Hate Gates of Fogs are lifted Kill them, rape them, crush their face With all might of our powers Our swords are sharp Our axes are now blessed Our souls are eternal We cant forgive This fucking dirt See what have you done with my land I will not forgive you!!!!!!!! Fucking dogs your dirty asses Will be crucified at panzer We shall never be at your side We shall never obey your fucking laws FIGHT EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Det svarte Morke skall herske!!!!!! Vi skall seire!!!!!!! Hore oss, ta dere sverder!!!!!!!!!! Cutting, slashing, storming, shooting Blasting, fucking, dying, killing, Raping merciless their asses Gutting, bleeding, stabbing, burning NORTH RISE!!!!!!!!!!!
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