FAVINX - Европейская группа, исполняющая альтернативный рок. Группа была основана в 2013 году Алексом Орловым, как окончательный проект многочисленных экспериментов с музыкой. Неординарный голубоглазый брюнет описывает свое творчество, как интимное с
Альтернативный рок
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https://www.myfantasysportstalk.com/spotlight-on-alex-orlov/ источник США Alex Orlov is a Moscow, Russian musician. He’s the co-creator and front-man for his band Favinx. Alex and a friend created the alternative band in 2013. Alex describes his bands sound as electronic with live instruments. In April of 2014, Alex hit the recording studio to create the debut album Animam. It was recorded entirely in Russian and Alex performed all the vocals and guitar. It was released in all digital music stores. Alex felt something was missing and found four other band members to help out when the band performed live. The band has performed live at open air concerts, rock festivals, many venues in Russia and once opened for symphonic orchestra Rockestralive. Alex is currently working on his new album Right here, Right now. He currently has three singles available on Soundcloud off of this current album for you to listen to. The album is slated to be released this year in September or October. If anyone is interested in checking out Alex or his band Favinx you can find them on the following links. Facebook Youtube Soundcloud Jamie Nixon covers music and entertainment for MFST, you can follow her on Twitter @JamieNixon79
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