A one venomous drop in your pure blood, A one pure word in my venomous speech. I don't know what is death, for me It's just end of life. No fear for me & no cursing for me Because I know your mask - You are master, Master of Crowd You speak my words, you stand on my path And in my veins is your blood. You are pain and suffering, you are Master of Crowd! You mask is mercy, your face is cruelty, You sacrifice me and raise from the dead. You forever made me what I am, And I'll betray you, old bloody friend! No fear for me... You are master.... Ancient blue blood, City on a dark cide of moon, Guitars sang my songs, Now is singing only silence.
История создания:
Это - текст для песни, которую я ставила первой в воображаемом альбоме Master of Crowd.
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