MEET DA KIDS K! I! D! S! K! I! D! S! One! Two! Three! Yeah-yeah-yeah! Check it out, yo! We are Kids With Flow Coming fromma U-R-A-L-S! Ya know we’re the best! Come on! Everybody in da house come on listen to tha beat! Listen to the B! To the E! To the A! To the T! Listen to the beee! Kids are waking up the house It’s perfect way to see! When you see! Da Kids! Da Kids! Da Kids! Take a look at me! Oh baby! These young men have a natural flow! Go! Go! Go! Go! So we don’t stop, so we don’t miss So we never gonna leaving off the game like this! Da Kids, that’s name, we’re not fromma Moscow. Thirteen years old, but rap likes uh Fiasco! Let’s go! That’s go! We wanna see ya hands uh, Feeling uh and moving uh and just don’t care! It’s We’re not uh little gangsters, we make it little faster! Da Kids! Da Kids! Da Kids! Oh come on! Baby see me, watch me dance! Oh come on gimme one more chance! Oh come on! Look around! Comes around! I promise never let you down!
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