I Will Not Break

Let the soul bleeds And my heart feels All that can make me cry, I will not break I will not weak I'm just going to ask you 'why'. You make me weak! Helpless! Defenseless! You look like a snake! Vicious! Ruthless! Beside you, I'm losing control. I feel devastated, confused. You go away, whenever you like, But you always come back. You do not give me breathe. Beside you I suffocate. I got lost in your lies. But I will not be lost. You make me pliable! Characterless! Hopeless! You do not let go of me! Merciless! Tearless! You can change Before it is not too late. Tell me about your tragedy. There's not your fault. I already saw your dark side I'm not afraid of it Let me see the bright side of you, You can surprise me. And I'm falling, falling, falling down. There is no way out. I'm leaving right now. Do you stop? Do you want to stop me? Do you took a step or you will stand? Do you need me? Do you need me?
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