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The story began in 1999 when Anatoliy played his first set at school. After playing there about a year he was asked to spin in 'Nautilus' club in his native town. And he has agreed... In 2002 he began to make first steps in music production. In 2003 he became resident of 'Metro' club and take DJ-alias 'FM DeeJay'. Every weekend he played his sets which was consisted of sublime uplifting trance, peppy progressive trance and hurricane techno. At that time he won the hearts of lovers of quality music. From 2003 to 2005 he played in different clubs of Syktyvkar and original blotches of progressive house, electro, breaks apperas in his playlists. In may of 2005 he represented Komi Republic of Russian Federation on All-Russian Delphic Games. The scene was in Ryazan 'Crater' club. Anatoly played nuclear mixture of Progressive / tech trance, the vast majority of participants were waiting for his victory,but when the judges have counted scores, he has got 3rd place. But even then bronze medal was given to another DJ. Judges explained that FM DeeJay did not use vinyl. In 2006 Anatoliy took part in кepublican battle of DJs 'Partyfon '06'. It was held in town Usinsk.('X-Treme' club). The judge was DJ Nil and at the end of thew battle he gave 1st palce to FM DeeJay and he got title 'The Best DJ Of Komi Republic'. In summer of 2006 Anatoliy went to 'Kofemolka' hip-hop festival in Cheboksary city with Syktyvkar group 'Ice Land' as their soundengineer/soundproducer. There he spinned in 'Fabrica' club and has got only the best feedback from clubbers of Cheboksary Moscow. This year on radio'Europa Plus' in Usinsk started series of his guestmixes. In 2007 FM DeeJay traveled among across different Russian cities applying vinyl already and pleasing sophisticated connoisseurs of high-quality sound blowing mixture of progressive house, electro, breaks, techno and trance. In 2008 Anatoliy actively promoting the newly stage alias Frederick Sound, plays on the same stage with DJs such as DJ Titov & Night Train (Dance4Life Promo) (Kirov), DJ Valdis (Moscow), DJ Tenthu (Moscow) (Top 100 Russian DJs), DJ Bart Claessen (aka DJ Barthezz) (Netherlands), Kyau & Albert (Germany, DJ Mag Top 100) and others. The same year he began his own weekly radioshow 'Trance Sense' on Netherlands internet-radiostation Trance.FM(http://www.trance.fm) where he shows the newest progressive house and trance tunes to the listeners.
Анатолий Александрович Фролов DJ
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