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AN@RHIST - an deejeey, musician Present name - Dmitriy Before 2005 considered itself "music music lover" since with pleasure listened practically any styles of the electronic music.. In fast impression from evening party in the best club of the Ukraine become that driving power, which has brought about fascination deejeeng. Summer 2007го has for the first time got up for board on one of the private evening party and thereafter regularly works on itself and sharpens its skill. The Main style for it become trance with his pleasing tuneful sort Progressive, and powerful sound together with flight melodics Melodic, Energy Trance & Psy Trance. Together with that, music passions were not limited by one only trance, in his attention have got such styles as Progressive House & Techno. The Main purpose for itself see the development of the dance culture, attraction greater amount people to qualitative electronic music, whether trance, progressive or other styles. His sets always interesting, incendiary and emotional. Considers that became dj not to become the next fashion plate,but really become one, only loves the electronic music, tries carry her listener in the best type and wants with her to go in one square...
Dmitry No Grebnev DJ
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