I want in before go

I want in before go One, two, three, five, four I want in before go I love music rap And so I not dead Yo hip-hop nation Our time to build its civilization Time we are covered in clubs and dislodge enemy teeths Say you I pussy cat you my miss So let's please Our people in whole list Ask when leaving each journalist And I boldly in tv set shall say that I antifascist In all rap motion I going This is my deal - my longing I have its free style And only on this I before you will I want in before go All goon shall say I no Perfect rap this is my mission To insert (its) as saint in each television Fool is not present in this business, they for a long Time already have sung the song Has come time take away pop music with Stage And I shall shake hand itself Nicolas Kedge So friends we get down to business We get down to business a rap it is a theme Which will beat any unnecessary crisis? Here with me my friends They will beside always And so will always be our business Our rap will sparkle always you pleased I see I see your face
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