Love & War
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Игорь Лапин, Сергей Фомин
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Love & War
FFF Rec.
Today comes morning that I can't see,
And agonizing pain covers me.
I wanted to love, but was late.
Now my soul is unfortunate.

I'm exhausted constraining my impulse
To not hang myself.
I war against my spirit,
War instead of love.

We were together very long time,
We cooperated and smiled for prime.
The summer sun and your face shone;
I thought, your heart is not a stone.

You said, you don't want meeting with me,
And my ugly loneliness will be
Corrode my soul. My jail is life.
Where I have put my trophy knife?

Excuse all my nightly silly words,
Said to you at magnificent boards.
I don't want to war myself more,
I wait when you enter my door.

I war against my spirit,
War instead of love.
Heaviest battles to me should be gone through.
Then my love will be lost.
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