All are muddied, all move and all flow I with their own friends, i'm not alone. When happen the problem, when happen the decay That friend your will help and will prepare way. Аnd in lifes so can be that you not can to rise, But if beside friends, you do not cost to life. reckon for support, they always will beside. and that did not happen cast their no decide. not betray their own friends, they will always be with you. You rescue than will be,all for the sake of you. But if fall into bad, or will take you a cops Then in troubles they will help you any cost While else young, we repose beautifully, This certainly cool, but this badly. Came the new century and new time We dictate the laws old generation mine, And no way us not to carry these eyes And no way live without faithfull guys. The Friends my, they always will beside, Divide I with them all, the other need to ride... When we all together, that we united... when we all together, that we fighted... Pass on this lifes we greater step to strides we shall together be together with guys.
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