SouthForce have started his music carier about 10 years ago.... Southforce was active participent in all school and university activities, also he made music by himself in different music programs such as FL studio, Reason and others. Soon SouthForce started to make real hip-hop beats, and try to rap by himself... Southforse could sing also, so he couth this music wave fast, and became an artist in rap world... Also SouthForce also known as DjSouthforce. SouthForce doing Screwed and Chopped mixes and mixtapes using famous rappers songs such as Lil Wayne, Trae, Pastor Troy, T-Pain and others, this is his hobby in free time... This summer in 2010 Southforce have got his own website named www.southforce.com.ua. This is his firs real good website for 3 years... He used to have and they still working such websites as www.myspace.com/southforce, www.youtube.com/djsouthforce also www.Facebook.com/DjSouthForce and www.Vkontakte.ru/id4531842 .www.southforce.com.ua is real promo website, where people can search all useful information about SouthForce. Useful information its his music, video clips, photos, and information about where to find and how to contact southforce in the internet and by cell. and ICQ number also.

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