Canoply Games - whiteinblack or blackinwhite (video-album)

project: Canoply Games
genre: sound-art, video-art, chaotic
city: Bratsk, Russia
album: Whiteinblack or Blackinwhite: Fragments contemplation (video-album)
year: 2010
label: Noise Reactor
length: 23 min
bitrate: mp3 320kbps + divx video
size: 176 mb

In music creation was used one six-string acoustic guitar and the drum-machine. In video creation are used fragments from various films and cartoon films, and also author's video. 5 audio tracks + 5 video clips.

1. about movement
2. toys
3. about nature of things
4. future
5. ballet - now mechanisms, not people

qulture.ru - Qulture Production – netlabel, independent music from Russia
noise-reactor.com - international sublabel of Qulture Production. (noise)

playlist - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=21DA9F430C4C5404

free download - http://narod.ru/disk/19093950000/canoply_games_whiteinblack_or_blackinwhite(video-album).rar.html

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