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Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
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Эмоционально Ритмично Красиво Энергично Глубоко Талантливо
Сергей Валентинович Молчанов DJ
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Water water as far as the eye can see, In the middle of nowhere, how big can you be? Away from life, away from land, I sail away from the shore, the beach and sand You are calm as the moon, the sky and cloud, Not always though, you can be loud Just like land you're home to millions of animals, Whales, Sharks, Dolphins and a load of other sea mammals Waves on your surface, weeds down below You move about in which ever direction the wind decides to blow Oh dear wave, I am just like you, On a continuous journey, re-born, except I am not blue Though you aren't always blue, sometimes you are green Your calm soothing sound remains however, like waking from a dream There's more to you than what we see, I know your front has another side You're deep, wide and so bliss, yet you show no pride The Big Blue Sea, you are, you are, given to us as God's gift I sail away from you, back to land; I do, back into life's mist...

Обновлено 02.11.2004