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Brompton's Cocktail

Хаус Индастриал Даунтемпо
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Brompton’s cocktail is the preparation including cocaine and morphine which is administered to patients with a far gone cancer to alleviate their agony. For the first time it was used at Brompton Hospital from which its name comes. Brompton’s Cocktail was founded as a duo in the end of 1999 in Saint-Petersburg by Anton Urazov and Oleg R. Anton had been a vocalist of some far-famed bands before. Morlocks which Oleg R. had also taken a part was the most well-known of them. By the time of the beginnings of BC Oleg R. was a member of the group Krovj s molokom (with Ilya Kozyrev aka Porch Nap) and also a co-founder of the creative association Fulldozer (with Alexandr Starostin (Theodor Bastard) and Ilya Kozyrev) which released BC’s first album Voodoo Madrasah later. Stylistically, it expressed some post industrial tendencies being sufficiently various at the same time; now the musicians consider it to be a kind of “test of the pen”, an essay, inevitable as well as first, of team-work. During next years the duo created the new stuff which was recorded in 2003 as the album Meditation of Protest which was going to be released by Fulldozer, but it didn’t took place because of the label’s crisis. This work’s essence is defined by the musicians as psychedelic polystylistics, and its style had absorbed extremely various elements: from intelligent electronica to techno dub, glitch and even new wave of industrial. Since the end of 2005 Brompton’s Cocktail is the solo project of Oleg R. Now Anton is concentrated on his project Id Molotov. The group’s performances at “Landschaft-2” and 2nd “BulldozerFest”, on the same stage with DAT Politics, Bad Sector, Troum, etc., and also at “SKIF-8” may be noted among the concerts given by the duo. The project participated in a number of compilations. Press release, November 2006.
Voodoo Madrasah (2000)
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