Liberty For Libertines

I believe in time That will take away this pain That sometimes comes into my heart To say hello Time runs fast It steels from me good and bad It leaves me happy Or leaves me sad It gives me wisdom Ch : Oh liberty for libertines Liberty for teens This funny little sins Elvis , Beatles rock’n’roll Love and drugs Black young lungs And Riots Year 64 18th of may I was not there , but anyway Some things are bad Some things are good Some come and stay Some come and go She came and stayed Today she’s gone It’s not the biggest trouble in the world You sit alone You read your book She’s not at home She’s not with you You hated music that she liked And when she sang or cried or laughed But why this pain You’re crazy , man Guitars and pubs and clubs , lite drugs You said she was not good for you It was your choice Now read your book She won’t come back You broke her heart Ch * 1964 18th of May - bil Riot rockerov v Anglii (vrode daze kto-to pogib)
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