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Flights in a dream

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Александр Пермяков
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Александр Пермяков
Flock of birds
Кольцо Фро
I fly in my dreams, in pink light of the rain,
By a rainbow, woods and rivers,
I fly in my dreams, high above the earth,
By white clouds, flights in a dream.

1. I run after you, but I can not catch up, you are far away.
I closed my eyes, but I saw you beside me, you are with me.
The rain has passed, the freshness and a cool,
you are glad.
And I speak to you, but you do not hear me,
I’m in tears.

2. The wind’s singing a song, it is a sad song, about love.
I searched for you, in my dreams and dreams,
But I have not found you.
You are dancing at the seacoast, the wind is touching your hair,
I’m whispering.
You like the rain very much and you’re waiting for a new day.

3. They told me, that you today had died, I’m crying.
I do not trust them, you are alive darling, it hurts me.
I cannot stand one more day and night without you,
I shall die.
It’s only a dream, I shall come to you, at the dawn.
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