Lavoro d'Amore

Год: 2015
Жанр: Рок
Студия: Vid Studio, Ad Lucem Studio, and some other studios
Описание: Songs / Tracks Listing 1. The Acknowledgement Day (4:31) 2. Lavoro D'Amore (4:32) 3. Unanticipated (5:42) 4. Il Vento Ritorna (4:03) 5. There Are The Workers Of Iniquity Fallen (5:21) 6. Need For Someone Else (6:44) 7. Invisible Animals (5:11) 8. Every Branch That Beareth Fruit (4:37) 9. Ascension Dream (Peak Version) (3:45) 10. What Are You Thinking About? (8:25) 11. Ending (3:09) Total Time 56:00 * * * buy at [email protected] * * * Line-up / Musicians - Vladimir Efimov / electric Gibson guitar - Alexey Gorshkov / trumpet - Yury Khomonenko / drums and percussion on [5]; some drums on [3] - Ruslan Kirillov / bass guitar; ukulele on [1] - Vladislav Korotkikh / flute; low whistle on [8] - Ivan Rozmainsky / grand Steinway piano; harpsichord; Hammond RT-3 organ; Tesla Delicia mini 2; Elka Rhapsody 490, other keyboards; metallophone - Philip Semenov / drums and percussion - Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky / electric Fender guitar; acoustic guitars; bass guitar on [7] Releases information Released by Lizard Records It is available also at https://rozvitalis.bandcamp.com/album/lavoro-damore * * * Like four previous full-length studio releases, "Lavoro D’Amore” album contains purely instrumental music. The sound in general is based on the keyboards by Ivan Rozmainsky who is permanent leader of the band, but drums, percussion, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, flutes and trumpet are also very important! This is the most “rockish” album of the band, and it was recorded completely without guests reflecting “concert power” of ROZ VITALIS. The style of "Lavoro D’Amore" – like any other ROZ VITALIS stuff – can be described as the "Unclassifiable Branch of Prog Rock". However, such tags as "Psychedelic Art-Rock" or "Between Sympho Prog and Avant Prog", are, perhaps, also partly relevant. Music of ROZ VITALIS is about The Ineffable and The Unfathomable. In particular, it is about human aspiration for The Unapproachable Light. * * * "Lavoro D’Amore means Labor Of Love. What Are You Thinking About? What is it? Our answer is the following. It is a metaphor of a person’s spiritual way. It is like a path from superficial knowledge to deepest insight. It is an analogue to the road into both the Unanticipated and Ascension Dream. It is a manifestation of both Need for Someone Else and Every Branch That Beareth Fruit. It shows space where There Are The Workers of Iniquity Fallen and Invisible Animals moved. It is a journey from sudden The Acknowledgement Day to Ending of the something very great. It is just the Ostents of Love." * * *