Patience of Hope

Год: 2012
Жанр: Рок
Студия: Vid Studio, Ad Lucem Studio etc.
Описание: 1. Patience of Hope 6:43 2. The Unfading Sun (The Loved Version) 2:50 3. To Stir Up Your Pure Minds 3:10 4. Seeds Fell Among Thorns 6:17 5. The Forgiven Monday 3:36 6. Gorgeous Cliff 1:35 7. Mother of All Rain 4:28 8. Confidence 5:53 9. Dove il Sole E Meraviglia 1:57 10. Touching upon the Mystery 8:55 11. The Unfading Sun (The Loving Version) 3:56 Style of “Patience of Hope” album can be – like previous releases – described as the "Unclassifiable Branch of Prog Rock"; Avant Prog, Sympho Prog, Instrumental are, perhaps, the most relevant tags. The band uses not only “standard equipment” like electric keyboards, guitars, flutes, bass and drums, but also instruments from many guest musicians which play on trumpet, clarinet, cello, saxes, bassoon and even gusli (which is the oldest Russian multi-string plucked instrument). The leader of Roz Vitalis – Ivan Rozmainsky – plays, in particular, on grand Steinway piano and even on harpsichord. The conception of the album is about the essence and the mysteries of HOPE. In particular, it is about ability to keep in confidence and maintain endurance in the times of troubles. It is possible when human life has been penetrated with the Unfading Sun.