Год: 2011
Жанр: Рок
Студия: Vidiakin Studio, Ad Lucem Studio, etc.
Описание: Track-list 1. revelator 5:12 2. warm tuesday 3:57 3. deadlock of the deceiver 4:07 4. painsadist (hit version) 3:25 5. underfrog 7:09 6. midwinter tulips 2:08 7. la combattimento spirituale 6:29 8. persecuted 10:14 9. silver melting 2:57 ROZ VITALIS (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) exists since 2001 as a studio project and since 2008 as a fully-fledged prog-rock band. The group has released independently several studio and live albums. Many of these releases were highly rated by prog reviewers. It should be mentioned also that in 2010 ROZ VITALIS has participated at Baltic Prog Fest. Like the previous full-length studio release "Compassionizer" .(2007), "Revelator" album contains purely instrumental music. But unlike all other ROZ VITALIS studio albums this one is recorded with use of a lot of acoustic instruments such as grand piano, flute, trumpet, cello, bassoon etc. The sound in general is based on the keyboards by Ivan Rozmainsky who is the leader of the band. The style of "Revelator" can be described as the "Unclassifiable Branch of Prog Rock". However, such tags as "Psychedelic Art-Rock" or "Between Sympho Prog and Avant Prog" can be also partly relevant. Music of ROZ VITALIS is about The Ineffable and The Unfathomable. In particular, it is about human aspiration for The Unapproachable Light.