Unapproachable Light Of The Sky, Live At ESG-21, Spring 09

Год: 2009
Жанр: Рок
Студия: ESG-21
Описание: Unofficial Live Album containing music recorded live at ESG-21 in Spring'09 (By Andrey Mazurenko) track-list 1. Irresponsible (26-04-09) 2. Thinking About Cheshire Cat (26-04-09) 3. Autumn Crocus (01-05-09) 4. Wooden Bear/Annihilator of Moral Hazard (01-05-09) 5. Compassionizer Medley (Piano Solo)/Disruption/Theme From The Great Gig In The Sky (01-05-09) line-up Vladimir "Nektor" Polyakov - voice, percussions, synthesizer, winds Ivan Rozmainsky - piano and synthesizers Vladimir Efimov - guitar Vladimir "Energoslon" Semenov-Tyan-Shansky - bass Philip "Phill" Semenov - drums, percussions music [1], [2] by ROZ VITALIS [3], [4], [5] by Efimov/Energoslon/Ivan/Nektor/Phill/Sydius thanks for some theme to Ilia Belorukov and Robert Fripp on [5]; lyrics selection by Nektor "Compassionizer Medley (Piano Solo)" includes excerpts from "Train of Parting (Compassion Version)", "Dances of Lost Opportunities" and "Compassionizer".